How do I get a WWW website address?

A custom domain name (URL) looks something like  Registering a custom domain for your website aids in company recognition and branding.  Using a custom domain for your business or organization increases credibility and is typically considered more professional while being easier to remember by customers.
Talkspot Tutorial - Get a Custom Website Address
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I get a custom domain for my existing Talkspot website?
A: If your current website address is you can get a custom domain name by changing your subscription to the Plus or Pro Package. Both the Plus and Pro accounts include a free domain name and domain hosting.
Q: How do I use Talkspot as the host for my website when my domain is registered elsewhere?

Q: How do I transfer my domain from Talkspot to another registrar?
A: To transfer your domain to another registrar visit the following page and pay the $35.00 transfer fee which begins the process of transferring the domain name from Talkspot to another host or registrar: