How do I edit my blog post? (Blog tutorial)

We will cover the basics of editing your blog articles with our new blogging widget. The new version of our editor ads new features like interactive maps, placing video from YouTube or Vimeo. We've simplified the file management so any images you include are managed and edited within the article they are associated with now.
Overview of the Blog Article Editor. In the screenshot below you will see different parts we'll cover in getting your articles going.

Article Title

The "Title" line is your main headline. It is also going to be your search friendly name so having a title that is relevant to the article.
Here is an article on Search Engine Optimization explaining the importance of your title.

Article Editor

Our article editor is a very simple editor which allows you to format text, titles, list, links and quotes. For more experiences users we also have a source editor if you want to have that level of control.

Media Manager

To add images, videos, documents or maps to your blog post you'll add them first to the "Media Manager"


The "Preview" button allows you to see a representation of what it will look like on your site. You'll see the full size images and how your font sizes will look. The font colors will be in black and white. The background will also be white.

Blog Status

When you first start a blog article you'll notice that the status is set to "Draft". Once you save and publish your article it will be live and read "Published". If you make changes to a published article the changes will take affect immediately. If you make changes on a draft the changes will not show until you Publish the article.

Save Your Article

When you click on the "Save" button you will see you have two was you can save the article. You save your article "Save as Draft" or "Save and Publish". If you save as a draft the article is only available to you so you can start an article without it going live until you're ready to publish it.

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