Overview of blog article sharing (Blog tutorial)

Blog sharing allows you to share your blog articles with subscribers to your site.

Step 1

  • Click on the Blog Sharing Menu Item.

Step 2

  • Click the Sharing link next to the article you which to share.
Step 3
  • From this screen you can share your blog articles:
    • Posting to Social Media:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Pinterest
        • Note: to share via social media you must first have your blog linked to your social media accounts. To do so, go to the blog dashboard and click on the 'Sharing Setup' tab from the left side menu. Then click on 'Edit Social Media Connections' and connect your blog to each of your social media accounts. 
    • Sharing Via Email:
      • Send your blog article to an individual email
      • Share your article to all registered users to your blog with one click
        • Note: when getting started, it's recommended that you send yourself a test email first to view how your blog article is sent and displayed in your email. 
        • You can choose from several different email templates, just click on the 'change' button to view the different formats. Once you have found the template you prefer click on 'Select and Continue' and send your blog article.