How do I change the social media buttons on my blog? (Blog tutorial)

One of the new features with our Blog widget is you can change the look and feel of your social media sharing buttons.

Step 1

Click on Blog Set Up

Step 2

Click Sharing Setup. This will show you the default button style (Fig 2).
Fig 2
Step 3
To change what the buttons look like you can click the "Social Media Sharing Buttons" button. There are many different options to choose from. When you mange change you'll see the preview on the right change to show you how your buttons will look (See fig 3).
fig 3
Step 4
To access more options like which social media buttons show on your blog you can click the "Show Advanced Options" link. You can change the shape, labels, counter and size of the buttons (fig 4).
fig 4
There is one option currently disabled as we continue work finishing it. The "Social Media Connections" options will be active once that phase of code is complete.