Blog1 "Blog Widget" tutorial videos

Welcome to blogging on Talkspot!

 Blogging is easier than you think!

If you prefer to read or print the following information, a copy of the slides can be viewed by clicking here.

Blogging Overview
A quick overview of blogging in general and how it is implemented on Talkspot. Discusses the terminology used, the process for writing and posting blog entries, and what Talkspot does to assist in writing and distributing blog entries.


Blog1 Dashboard Overview
An overview of the blog1 blog widget specifically and the menu options leading to the various blogging functionalities such as posting to Facebook, Twitter and your website mailing list. Additionally, blog1 offers three media types of images, Google maps and video.

Writing Your First Blog Entry
An example of writing a simple blog entry. Shows how to mark a blog entry as a draft, so that you can come back later and edit it, or publish it for all the world to see.

Blogging With Pictures
Add pictures to your blog entries to spice them up. This is a walkthrough of the process, explaining how pictures can be added to your blog entry, captions added, and photo galleries constructed from the pictures on your blog.

Adding Maps To Your Blog Entries
Want to show people where you have been, where you are going, or the location of something you are selling? Watch the video which explains how to get fancy with maps.