How to convert my website to the new responsive template? (tags: RWD, mobile website)

*** Warning! *** Please be aware that converting templates will cause the widgets on your site to be disordered and misplaced on a page and therefore you will need to move all the widgets back into place within each page of the site after saving the design.
To determine if your current template is responsive click here
To convert your Talkspot website to the new responsive template system please do the following steps:
  1. Login to your website
  2. Backup your website at "Edit Site > Site > Save your site" and follow instructions to save.  Once your website is saved you can always revert to the previously saved version by going to "Edit Site > Site > Restore your Website".
  3. To tap into the new template editor change the browser's address line to reflect /aspx/blob2/admin/sitedesign/sitedesign.aspx ... this path should be appended after the top level domain ... example: after .com/ or after .org/ like ... then hit the Enter key to reach that location
  4. Click either "Use one of our pre-made designs" OR "Create your own custom design"
  5. Alter the backgrounds and fonts as desired
  6. Click "Publish" or the appropriate button to save any changes you have made within the various pages
  7. Click "Done" then "Ok"
  8. Proceed to move all the widgets back into place within each page
  9. Save your website by going to "Edit Site > Site > Save your Site"
  10. Dig the new responsiveness of your website by dragging the bottom right hand corner of your browser window to the left simulating a narrower device
  11. To edit backgrounds and fonts after this process please use "Edit Site > Site > Customize Your Site Layout" as usual