How to embed raw HTML, CSS and Javascript code into my Talkspot webpage?

There are essentially two ways to work directly with HTML, CSS and JavaScript code on a Talkspot website:
  1. Use the JavaScript widget. The JavaScript Widget requires that you to enter opening and closing <script>...</script> and <style>...</style> tags but this widget renders the given code where-ever dropped in a drop zone, or applies it to the web-page.
  2. The Text Widget or any widget that has source code accessible through the Rich Text Editor (RTE) can be used to embed code directly.  When using the source </> button in a RTE you will need to save the source and then return to the regular (non-code view) prior to saving your changes and exiting the widget configuration, back to the web-page.
Note: When editing the source code in the RTE please understand that the RTE will reformulate your code to a degree so this option is not 100% iron-clad.