How to quickly build a website for your restaurant using our Restaurant Website template?

Creating a restaurant website

Create a new restaurant website using our Restaurant Website template in minutes.  Talkspot's Restaurant Website template makes getting started with your own restaurant website quick and keeps you well informed on steps for standard practices.  We have researched many industry standards for restaurants such as real-time reviews by TripAdvisor and reservation widgets by OpenTable and others.  Throughout the template you will see Talkspot Text Widgets that contain "Support Notes" and mock-up images of 3rd party widgets such as the OpenTable make a reservation widget or button which will help you setup your own site and also link you to support articles and videos.
*** Important Note ***
Because of a resource conflict the OpenTable widget code that is extracted from the OpenTable reservation widget generator can not be directly dropped into a Talkspot Javascript Widget and instead must be deferred through an additional and very simple HTML file.  While this adds a number of steps to the process it is currently necessary to get the full OpenTable reservation widget as opposed to just an OpenTable reservation button.

Creating a restaurant website - Advanced

This video covers swapping out the logo, reviews adding 3rd party software OpenTable widgets for reservations and TripAdvisor widgets for restaurant reviews.









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