Social Media (Share) Widget Overview

Share your site through Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The Social Media Sharing Widget provides you with opportunities to increase the visibility of your website to millions of users. When users click these buttons on your website, they are telling their friends that they approve of your website and recommend it.
Social Media Statistics:
    -Active Social Media Users: 2.3 Billion*
    -Increase from 2015-2016: 176 Million*
    -Percentage of retail brands using 2 or more Social Media Accounts: 91%*
    -New Social Media users per day: 1 million (12 per second)*
    -Average Social Media accounts per internet user: 5.54 accounts*
            *Brandwatch. (2016).  Marketing: 96 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts for 2016. Retrieved from
Why do this?
Increase site visibility and encourage more site visits.  
Why wouldn't I do this on every page?
There's no reason you shouldn't include this Widget on every page. Make it easy to find, when a user likes something on your site and would like to share their enthusiasm this widget will allow them to do so. 
Do the "Like" buttons point at my website, or just the page I put them on?
When a user clicks "Like", a link to your page (the page they are currently on) gets shared posted to their social media account. This will be visible to all of their connections on that Social Media channel. 
When someone clicks one of these, does something get posted on their social media?
Yes, if a user clicks "Like" on your site, it will reflect on their Social Media account and this will be visible to all of their connections. If they "Share" your site, they can choose who they share the link with, which could be individuals or all contacts. 
Is there a smaller version of these?
There are multiple styles to choose from on the "Social Media Widget Button Configuration" page, you can configure the style that is the most fitting to your site.  The video provides an overview of how to use the configuration options.