Animated Backgrounds - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why don't I see all of my widgets when editing the animation widget????
A. We leave them off the page so that you can see the effect of the different background animation effects. Don't worry. Once you leave the 'Background animation selector' page all of your content will reappear.
Q. I can't see much difference between the different animations. Why?
A. All of the animations will cycle between the same selection of pictures that you choose. All that changes is how each new image is brought to the page, how they appear and disappear is altered for each of the different effects. Additionally, you can adjust the speed of the transitions and the background color to further personalize your background effects. 
Q. Sometimes my background images don't appear. Why?
A. Check the size of the images you are uploading. Background images need to load quickly. We recommend images that are only 50k to 100k. If you upload something larger it will take too long to download for visitors to your website. See Compressing Image Files for information on reducing the size of your images
Q. When I am viewing the animations in the 'Background animation selector' will this change the backgrounds on my actual site or only in the page I am on? 
A. The 'Background animation selector' page will not affect what your viewers see on your website until you click on the 'Submit' button. The selector page acts as a preview page for you to view, and customize your background animations. Once you find an animation that you like and click 'Submit', the background animations will be visible to your site viewers. 
Q. How do I change the pictures?
A. You can change the photos on the 'Choose a background' page in 'Customize Your Site Layout'. To get to this page click on the 'Site' button on the top left of your site editor and follow this path; Customize Your Site Layout > Create your own custom design > Select Backgrounds. Once you are on the 'Choose a background' page, you can add up to six images. After you have selected your images you can choose which pages on your site you would like to be animated by clicking on the 'Assign Backgrounds To Pages' button at the bottom of the page. 
Q. Can I select certain pages for animations or do they affect all the pages on my site?
A. You may choose to have your animated background on however many pages you like. To select which pages get animated please click on the 'Site' button on the top left of your site editor and follow this path; Customize Your Site Layout > Create your own custom design > Select Backgrounds > Assign Backgrounds To Pages. Once you are on the 'Choose Backgrounds / Page Manager' page, you have the option of setting the backgrounds for each page individually, if you want the animations across your entire site simply click the 'New Background' button for each page and assign it to the 'Animated' option. 
Q. Can I make the pictures move faster?
A. Yes, you can alter the speed, faster or slower, directly in the 'Background animation selector'.
Q. Does this work on cell phones?
A. The animations work on most mobile and desktop devices sold today. If you have an older browser on your computer, they may not work. Check this link for CSS browser compatibility.
Q. Where'd all my text and widgets go?
A. They are still in place, you just won't see them while you are on the 'Background animation selector page'. This page is intended to preview your animations so we have left it blank for that purpose. Once you click the 'Submit' button it will bring you back to the site editor where you can see the animation you chose behind your existing content. 
Q. How do I convert a webpage to have an animated background page?
A. Watch this video, and when asked to choose the page template, choose "animated". You can choose to have an animated background 
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