Otto Web Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
Note: This article pertains only to posting and editing blog entries via email to Otto,
For information about using Otto via email refer to this series of training videos:
Q. I don't get it. Who is Otto?
A. Otto is the name given to a robot who lives in our offices at His job is to assist you in preparing blog entries and posting them on your blog, and on websites. Normally, Otto refuses to use the phone and will only respond to requests via email. Otto has a file cabinet in which he stores blog entries, and you can make requests to Otto such as "Here are some pictures for my blog entry" or "Here is some text for my blog entry" or "Please post my blog on Facebook" or "Please send out my blog entry to my mailing list." You will find Otto can be a good friend.
Q. Do I have to use Otto to post blog entries?
A. No. Talkspot blogs offer a wide variety of options for posting blog entries.
    -For information on blogging via the web interface follow this link:
    -For information on blogging via email follow this link: