Background Videos - How to

Would you like to use your own videos as backgrounds? 
It is possible!
To do so, you need to be on a video page. If you don't see the button labeled "Change Background Video" on a page, then you aren't on a video page template.
To change the page template, see this article: Changing your page template
There are two files you will need if you want to use your own video background:
1) An MP4 file of the video
2) A picture with the filetype of "jpg" that represents the picture to be displayed on devices that won't display video (such as cell phones)
The MP4 should be as short as possible. Generally you don't want more than 10-15 seconds, and the total filesize should be under 30mb.
Once you have the two files, all you need to do to make them available is to put them into your private file area (upload them to your website) into a folder named: backgroundVideos
That's it!
A note on converting video files:
If you have videos that are too long, or are in the wrong format, try googling "video conversion"  You should be able to find lots of websites selling, or making available for free, utilities that do this.
We use one called "Wondershare video converter" but there are dozens of these sites out there.
Here's a list of a few we found (none of which do we know if are any good):