Frequently asked questions - Animation Widget

The animation widget is intended for use on splash screens (the front page) on websites. The normal usage is with one image or video in the background and an animated logo on top. 
There is an example image that the widget starts with. You will quickly want to replace this image with a picture of your own. Any images must be uploaded to the website prior to being selected.
Q. How do I change the picture?
A. Pictures must be uploaded to your website before they can be selected to appear.
This video shows how to upload pictures to your website: CLICK HERE
Note: for additional animated effects try out a GIF file (animated image).
Q. Can I link my logo or image to another page on the site?
A. Yes, just go to 'Advanced Options" and look for the "If Clicked" drop-down. From there you can choose from any page on your site. 
Q. I added this widget to my page but the image is too close to the menu bar, is there anyway to lower it down a little. 
A. Try adding a Spacer Widget right above the Animation Widget, you can set the pixels and lower the image as much as you want. 
Q. How do I get rid of the picture?
A. Select "none" from the picture size dropdown
Q. How do I get rid of the text?
A. Just edit it and wipe out any text

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