How to change the background on your webpage

*Note: we recommend that you backup your website prior to making any major design changes.*
To edit the background of your website:
*Note, first you must be logged into your website in order to see the editing menus. 
  1. From the Widgets Menu in the upper left corner of the Site Editor go to "More > Utilities > Layout"
  2. From there you can choose one of our Pre Made Designs or Create a Custom Design; for a custom layout proceed to the next step. 
  3. Then click button "Create your own custom design"
  4. Then click button "Select Backgrounds" to change your websites backgrounds. *Pro-tip; you can assign different backgrounds to different pages
    1. Or you can choose "Select Text" to change the font colors, style and sizes on your website. 
  5. On the Choose a Background page you can; preview, edit or clear any one of six possible backgrounds
  6. To assign any of these six backgrounds to any of the pages on your website click the button "Assign Backgrounds To Pages" button at the bottom.