Blog Conversion

You might have noticed that your blogging interface looks different than it did before. This is due to our recent blog upgrade to our new improved version of the blog widget. 
The new upgraded blogging interface has all the great features your used to plus much more!
What's new:
  • Better formatting; your blog will display better on your website and you have more control of the blog layout; Blog Summary View and Blog Article View.
  • Readership stats on the dashboard.
  • Media Manager
    • Easily add pictures, maps and videos to your blog articles through the media manager interface. 
    • For more on adding media items, CLICK HERE
  • Blog Comments
    • By adding a simple comment widget to your blog page and linking it to your blog
  • Article Sharing from the blog dashboard.
    • Post to Social Media
    • Email to your Registered Users List or an individual email. 
  • Templates for sending out your blog articles via email.
  • Store articles in draft mode for further editing later. 
Additional Support Links:
-Introduction to your ungraded blogging interface including video tutorials, please visit this link: