Online Store - Shopping Cart

Want to sell goods or services online? Talkspot has a couple great options for you!
Option 1; Ecwid Online Store:
Talkspot has partnered with Ecwid, a company that provides an easy to use e-commerce shopping cart & online store solution. To get started with Ecwid just place a Store Widget on your web-page and click the "Step 1: Start your store now!" button to get started. 
To view an example please visit this link:
To Add the Widget:
- Login to your Wibsite
- From the Widgets Menu in the upper left click on ADD
    - Choose the yellow drop zone where you would like your online store, and click "+Add a New Widget HERE!"
-This will bring you to the widget menu, simply click on the "STORE" Widget icon and it will take you to the configuration page to get started. 
*If you need any assistance setting up your online store please email us at and we will gladly assist you. 
Option 2; Talkspot's Payment Widget:
You can add the payment widget directly to your Talkspot Website from the Widgets Manager and link it to your Braintree Merchant Account. The Payment Widget gives you the ability to sell items and collect reoccurring payments for good and services. The only limitation to the Payment Widget is, it doesn't allow for multi-item purchases with one transaction. For that you will need a full shopping cart, please see Option 2. 
For more information on Talkspot's Payment Widget please visit this link: