A word about domain names (website addresses) and talkspot

All FREE websites on talkspot receive a website address which is in the format yourbusinessname.talkspot.com
For personal use this is acceptable, however if you operate a business it is much better to have a website address like:
Talkspot only offers the WWW prefix on our paying subscriptions (Yes -- we have to make money somehow). The good news is that our subscription is only $7.95 per month, and we buy the domain (website address) at our cost and renew it from year to year. Your $7.95 fee is "all in". The only limitation is that we can't issue you a domain name that is already taken, and we can't issue anything except ".com" addresses.
What if you want a ".org" address or a ".edu" or something else? 
We will provide you a .com address with any paid subscription, but if you want something else you need to buy it. We work with godaddy regularly and highly recommend them because their prices are semi-reasonable and their support excellent. If you do elect to buy your own domain, give them a try. Anywhere works.
What if you already own your own domain?
No problem. We will be happy to assign it to your website. Just start up as a FREE website, then email support@talkspot.com with your domain name and we'll make it happen.
What if I would like to lock in my website address now, and build a site later?
You always have the option to buy your domain name through any company (eg. Godaddy). If you are worried your name is generic and want to lock in your website address, but don't want to start paying a Talkspot subscription -- then, that's the way to go. So .. if your preferred domain name is something like: www.shoes.com, you should buy it as quickly as you can find it. But, if your preferred name is something like: www.joes-hardware-minneapolis.com and you are the only Joe with a hardware store in cinncinati, then why spend the money any sooner than you need to?
How do I get started if I'd like Talkspot to buy my website address (domain)?
All you need to do is go to www.talkspot.com
Choose a template, which starts a site.
Once the site is started, all pressure is off. It will be free. You can edit it or ignore it as you please.
When you get ready to pick your website address you’ll need to subscribe the site (start paying the $7.95/mo).
You’ll be able to search for possible website addresses and any available “.com” website address that isn’t already taken will be possible.
Unless you think it is possible someone will want to grab your business name there is no hurry to start paying us. Take your time and get your site exactly the way you want it while it is still free.