Individual Client Private Data Storage

Let's imagine that you are a contractor and want to share information that is unique to each of your clients. Each client might be interested in photos of their construction status, their proposals, and their own invoices.
You can't put this information on your website because then it would be freely visible by everyone in the world. 
Talkspot has a solution. 
This same solution works for anyone who has multiple clients and wishes to share private information with each of their clients.
To get started, you need to use Dropbox. We believe that any cloud service works, so if you use Icloud, or Microsoft's OneDrive or any other cloud provider, our solution should work. But, for now, we have only tried it with Dropbox. 
Once you have your account on Dropbox, create a separate folder for each of your clients. You can name these folders anything you want. You will be placing into these folders anything you wish to share with your clients.
Once you have created these folders, you need to provide to Talkspot a link to the folder.
To do this you use the following utility:
Replace the .. in the above website address, with your website address. You must be signed into your website as an administrator prior to running this utility.
This utility allows you to associate dropbox accounts with customers who are registered on your website.
The fields (pieces of information) to be entered are:
id - This is your customer number. You can put anything you like here as long as it is just letters and numbers.
First name and last name - the name of your customer
Email - This MUST match the customer's registered email address on your website
Link - the link to the customer's personal data on dropbox
Once you have specified the private data areas for your customers you will be able to add "buttons" to your site which will get you to the private data area.
To do this...
In the text widget is a button maker. The icon looks like this:
From the dialog that appears enter these options:
On the website address box you will put the folllowing:
Once again, replace the yellow website address with your website address.
Whenever the user clicks on the button they will be directed to their private storage area on dropbox.
That's it!