How do I get an SSL certificate for my website? (HTTPS)

What does it mean to have an SSL certificate?
Is it worth having your website operate in encrypted mode if you aren't accepting money on the website or have no need for security?
  • Generally speaking, the only sites that really need to operate securely are those which handle credit cards or information which needs to be secure from hackers. 
  • That said, there can be marketing reasons for having an SSL certificate. It doesn't really change anything on your website, but to the more technically sophisticated customers it can send a message that your company is professional and cares about confidentiality.
What will change on my website?
  • Nothing. In the browser you will notice that the website address changes from to That's it.
What is required to add an SSL certificate and what does it cost?
  • Talkspot charges a one-time $35 USD fee to get started, and requires that you have our Pro package ($12.95/month). There is no ongoing supplemental fee for the SSL certificate after the initial $35 payment.
How long does it take?
  • Only a couple days.
How do I get started?