How do I create links with the text widget?

Video Tutorial
1:53 minutes

Text Instructions:
Highlight some text (or an image.  Images work, too!).
Once you highlight something (one letter, one word, a block of text, an image, or a combination of all of the above), you are ready to apply a link directly to your specific selection.  Make sure you are specific in what you want to link.  If you accidentally include something you didn't intend, this will also get linked.

Click the "Hyperlink Manager" icon, in the editor.
With your text and/or images selected, look in just below "Format".  You will see an icom with 3 chain links connected.  This is the button leading to the "Hyperlink Manager" pop up.  Click this.

Type your destination address into the "Link URL" box, in the new pop up.
You will see the "Hyperlink Manager" appear.  This will add a link, in the address you provide, to the desired address.  This can be a link to any page or document on the internet, whether it is to page on your site, a link directly to an image, a link to a spreadsheet, a search engine, a zip file, etc.  The URL must be clear and precise.  It should also begin with "http://" (in rare occasions, it may start with something else, but this is uncommon).

You can also choose where the link will appear, when it's clicked by a user.  We recommend sticking with either "Open in This Window/Frame" for links on your own site or "Open in New Window (_blank)" option when it's linking to another site. 

"Open in This Window/Frame" will populate the existing browser window with the contents of the link.  However, "Open in New Window (_blank)" will open the contents in a new window, above the existing window.  Most people opt for "Open in This Window/Frame" (Note: This is the default behavior.  So, if you "do nothing" with this dropdown option, the system will default to "Same Window".)  On occasion, an individual may want to give a link to information, in a new window. The idea being, if you create a new window, then YOUR site will still be on the screen, rather than leading people away from your site.

Important Note: If you would like to create a link to email instead of linking to a page in the "Link URL" bar you will type in "mailto:" then the address you want email sent to. It will look like "". This creates a link that allows users to click and lauch their email program.

Once you've typed your address (and optionally selected a target), press "Insert" at the base of the Hyperlink Manager.

You're linked!
That's it!  At this point, you've created the link.

When you're done, press the "Save" button.
At the base of the editor is a "Save" button.  Press this button to commit your new link to your web page.  This will be an immediate update, reflecting a change that anyone can see, from anywhere.