Adding your site to Google Webmaster Tools.

You can learn more about Google’s Webmaster Tools at the following URL: This will require you to register with Google, but is completely harmless to do and will ultimately result in more information about your site and its traffic, as well as increasing your ability to improve your search results ranking.

Once you have registered, there are two items which have been integrated within TalkSpot, allowing you to connect with Google’s Webmaster Tools; Sitemap and Website Verification.

You will be shown a page letting you know your site is not, yet, verified, you will be given two options for verification and be shown a default code. This is good and is what you want. Ultimately, you will need this code for your meta tag.

Now, go to your own website and log in. You will select “Dashboard > SEO > Google Webmaster Tools”. You will paste in your meta tag verification code here.

Once you add the meta tag to your site you will go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click verify. If you pasted in the meta tag properly your site will be verified. At this point you can submit your site map to Google so it knows where to look for your sites pages.

You will add the location at Google as "sitemap.xml"