Comment Widget Overview

What can I do with a Comments Widget? How does it work?
With the Comments/Feedback Widget, you can collect information and generate conversation about a topic on your website. It is essentially little more than a button reading, "Post a Comment". When clicked, anyone has the option to add a comment to a webpage. The moment a comment is added, you will be emailed the comment. This way, you have your finger on the pulse of your site, at all times. You are notified when something is added. Plus, they can add their names and email addresses to their comment, which will also be emailed to you. With this, you can follow up on anything someone might say and email them directly, if they've left their email address for you. Names and email addresses are optional and the email address will not be posted on the page.Example: Imagine you have a photograph you've taken, or a design you're seeking feedback on. You can add this widget type to that page and find out what the world thinks! To get started locate the Comments Widget from the Widget Tray and follow along, it looks like this:

How will comment and information be used?
Your comment will be added to the top of the list of existing comments, and just beneath where you clicked to add the comment. Your comment can be as long as you'd like, but must be "text-only".Your name will be added to the comment, if you choose to leave one.Your email address, if you choose to leave it, will never ever be used on the page. It's only use is to be emailed to the owner of this site, who may email you directly if they feel so inclined. It is simply a way for the site's manager to contact you in the future. It will NOT be added to the site, or used in any other way.
Can I edit or delete inappropriate comments?
Yes, as the admin you edit or delete any inappropriate comments. We do require a captcha image to be typed to limit bots posting spam on your site.

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