Email Migration - Importing your old emails into the new system

Note: Updated Migration Tutorial
Mail migration is a two step process. You need to follow the step in order to be successful in importing your emails.
First Step Setting up "Message Retrieval"
Steps of setting up message retrieval
1. Go to "Setting > Advanced Settings > Message Retrieval" and create new.
2. You will need to enter your old email information here.
    Type: POP
    Server Address: XXX.XXX.XX.XX (You should have received the server address in your email with you new password. Contact us if you didn't.
    Port: 110
    Retrieval Method: Automatic
    Destination Folder: Set up an new folder in your mail box like "Imported Mail" then select it. You can also select to import into your main email folder.
    Check Leave Message on Server
3. Once all the setting are set up click "Test Connection" check you setting if it was successful.
4. Click Save. Go to next Mailbox Migration
Screen shot of what you setting should look like.
Format of Message Retrieval
Next Mailbox Migration
Here are screen shots of the next steps.
Step 1
Click Mailbox Migration under Advanced Settings
Step 2: Select "Other" from the drop down list.
Step 3: Check "Email" to import. (this is the only active import option)
Step 3: Enter your old email information along with the IP address you received in your email.
Step 4: Start the import. You will start to see emails import over time. You can close the window and the process will continue.