Critical Updates for Domains and Talkspot hosted Email Accounts

As we have mentioned, Talkspot is migrating our servers to a new data center. This move has many benefits, including heightened stability, greater capacity and speedier websites.
Talkspot Email Users
If you have email accounts that are hosted on Talkspot’s servers we need to speak with you to assist in the migration of your email. If you do not contact us about migrating your accounts your email will stop working until we can migrate your.
Contact us at
Domain Names Registered outside of Talkspot
If you manage your own domain name you will need to update your DNS or Name Server information with them. With the new system each domain name has it's own name server information, please contact Cooper at if you haven't received and email with your new name server information.
Once you receive your name server information you can contact your registrar or we have a list of popular registrars and links to their tutorials on updating your name servers. CLICK HERE