Comment Widget Overview

Comment Widget
What can I do with a Comments Widget? How does it work?
With the Comments Widget, you can collect information and generate conversation about a topic on your website. The moment a comment is added, you will be emailed the comment. This way, you have your finger on the pulse of your site, at all times. Your users can add their names (optional) and email addresses (required) when leaving comments, which will also be emailed to you (the site admin). With this, you can follow up on anything someone might say and email them directly. 
Example: Imagine you have a photograph you've taken, or a design you're seeking feedback on. You can add the comment widget to that page and find out what the world thinks!  
As the site admin you can set moderation on your comments. Moderation gives you further control over visitor comments and possible spam. Setting include:
  • Allow guest users to post comments to website
    • If set to ON, visitors to your website must register with your site prior to leaving comments
    • If set to OFF, anyone visiting your website can leave comments
  • Moderate comments before posting to website
    • If set to ON, you (the admin of the site) will receive an email when a comment is posted. You will have the following options:
      • Approve the comment (one time only)
      • Approve the comment & add the user to your approved email list (this allows them to comment without moderation in the future)
      • Reject the comment
    • If set to OFF, comment will not be moderated. You will still receive an email notifying you when a comment was posted, but it will be added to your website without individual approval. 

How will comment and information be used?
New comments will be added to the top of the list of existing comments. Names given will be added to the comment, but are optional. Email address are required but are not be used on the page. It's only use is to be emailed to the owner of this website, who may email the individual directly if they feel so inclined.
Can I edit or delete inappropriate comments?
Yes, as the admin you edit or delete any inappropriate comments. We do require a captcha image to be typed to limit bots posting spam on your site.