Upgraded Version of Talkspot's Payment Widget

  • Do you want to accept Credit Card or PayPal payments for goods or services?
  • Are you a landlord looking for a way your renters can make convenient payments online using their Credit Card?
  • Are you a charitable organization wanting to collect onetime, or recurring monthly donations?
Talkspot makes it easy with our new version of our Payment Widget. Once you have set up a Merchant Account with Braintree, you can easily connect to your Braintree Account with our Payment Widget. Once the connection is made you will be ready to configure your Widget and place it on your webpage to accept PayPal and Credit Card transactions. 
With the new updated release you can quickly and easily configure your Payment Widget to accept recurring payments for monthly services or subscriptions, accept one time payments for products or services, receive charitable donations or even accept lease payments online via credit card. 
For more information on this great new release Click Here or visit http://getpaid.talkspot.com/