Wow! HUGE innovation in website editing

If you haven't tried editing your website lately, please do! Over the past month our engineers have been busy.
Website editing is now faster and easier than even we thought possible. We also got rid of the annoying "docking zones" that used to appear. The site editing is now Wysiwg.
Just a few of the upgrades to Talkspot over the past few months:
  • Completely replaced the template email system (for producing fancy looking emails)
  • Added a new widget for doing fancy animation on your websites (slide in your logo, fade in an ad for your products)
  • Added full VIDEO BACKGROUNDS for your webpages!
  • Added a new way to blog by email (
  • Added a revolutionary payment widget. Collect donations, payments, subscriptions. Take credit cards or Paypal. It doesn't get easier for your customers or donors to pay you.
  • And much more!