A lot of changes at Talkspot

Written: April 21 2016
Talkspot has gone through a lot of changes in the last number of months.  Many of the Widgets have been replaced with newer more robust versions and the the flow of the application has improved.  See this list of recent changes, from a significant server upgrade to a much improved billing system and more customer focused support articles:
  • Server Upgrade: Talkspot purchased two new very beefy servers and has moved the database and production instance, previously on separate servers, to one of them.  The server is faster and more powerful and statistical feedback suggests it responds to requests in about 1/3 the amount of time
  • Free Sites to end 05/15/2016:  As of the middle of May Talkspot will no longer offer free websites and blogs.  All websites or blog will require a subscription of either Basic, Standard or Professional.
  • Software Upgrade: Upgraded from Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework version to version 4.5
  • New Billing System: Added new billing system which utilizes Braintree Payments and allows many new modern payment types such as Paypal and Bitcoin.
  • Updated Support Articles: Revamped many of the existing support articles to more closely suit the customer experience while purging others
  • Added New Support Articles: Added many new support articles including some with video
  • New Talkspot Blog:  Visit the new Talkspot social media blog to learn about what is going on at Talkspot.com/blog
So, basically, Talkspot is better than ever and now offers Basic ($4.95/month), Standard ($7.95/month) and Professional ($12.95/month) subscriptions.  Both Standard and Professional offer a registered domain name option while Professional also boasts administrative access to your own mail server. To subscribe to Talkspot click here.
Talkspot's new social media blog